27 March 2013

Meanwhile check out our official facebook page for up to date information here.

17 September 2011

After two months of continuous hard work, the new Sear Bliss album is finally completed! The release date is scheduled for February 2012. The title of the album is Eternal Recurrence. More details and artwork will be announced shortly.

10 Aug 2011

The recording of the seventh Sear Bliss album with producer Viktor Scheer began on the 21st of July. The drums and guitar tracks have already been recorded. The record will be released by Candlelight Records, release date will be announced later. The yet-untitled album will open a new chapter in the life of the band musically. The songs are dramatic and unsettling, dark and painful. More details and photos of the recording can be viewed here.

22 Feb 2011

Photos taken by Fieldy at the show in Budapest on the 12th of February can be viewed here.

30 Nov 2010

Photos taken by Gábor Fábián at the show in Szombathely on the 5th of November can be viewed here.

03 Aug 2010

We have just got the information from the organizers of V.IV Fest (Kamenín, SK) today that the event has been cancelled, therefore the Sear Bliss show is cancelled too.

08 May 2010

We are sad to announce that due to illness we are forced to cancel our appearance at the Welt In Trümmern festival in Frankfurt am Main, Germany on 08 May. We are extremely disappointed but we do hope to come back to Frankfurt in the near future and play a hellish show. We apologize for this situation. Thanks for your understanding.

12 April 2010

Show cancellations
Due to the mistake of the unprofessional organizer of the Gleis 3 club in Annaberg, we were forced to cancel the show and go home. Therefore, unfortunately we had to cancel our show in Grosserlach too as we got ripped off in Annaberg and we had no other choice because of the high travel expenses. We apologize for disappointing those who came to see us and we hope we will come back to both towns and play some great shows in the near future. Annaberg is still the favourite place for Sear Bliss as we play there almost each year since 1998 and we really hope to play a hellish show for our friends there soon again. Thanks and hails to the cool and honest guys of Gorath and Bliss Of Flesh.

01 February 2010

The first concert dates for this year are revealed in the Gigs section. More dates will follow soon.

25 January 2009

Though some important changes happened in the Sear Bliss camp last year, there was no official statement here so far, as we decided to be in silence for some time. We didn’t care to spread news about it. We concentrated only on the band, new songs, etc instead. What actually happened is that due to the disagreement and lack of chemistry among the bandmembers, the legacy of Sear Bliss will be carried on by a new line-up, which isn’t really new actually. The band, which is still led by Andras is joined by the original guitar duo from the classic line-up of Sear Bliss, namely János Barbarics and Csaba Csejtei. Both of them played and took a very important role in Sear Bliss from the very beginning, being responsible for the sound of the band. János played on The Pagan Winter, Phantoms and Haunting albums and was the member of the band from 1993 to 1999. Csaba played on The Pagan Winter, Phantoms, Forsaken Symphony and Glory And Perdition album and was the member of Sear Bliss between 1994-1997 and 2001-2005. On drums we have Olivér Ziskó, who played and was responsible for many of the songs on the critcally acclaimed Forsaken Symphony album, though he played the keyboards back then. Being a highly professional drummer, his contribution will significantly raise the quality, intensity and power of Sear Bliss’ music. As for the brass, we have a very talented young guy, Balázs Bruszel, playing the trumpet. We already had a few shows with this line up at the end of last year in Holland, Switzerland and Slovenia and the outcome was more than promising. We are heading to this new year with refreshed energy, unsurpassable perseverance and great plans, eager to show where we are after 16 years of existence with people who already proved they are capable for something really unique. Many quality live shows are planned for 2010, some of them are already revealed in the Upcoming Shows section of our myspace site. There is also a new album in the making, which we plan to record in the summer, again for Candlelight Records. Meanwhile Vic Records is re-releasing all our previous albums with many extras. Plus the long awaited 15th year anniversary DVD entitled the 15th Commandment will be out soon. Andras besides Sear Bliss is focusing on his other musical projects too, such as Forest Silence, Nefarious and Star-Crossed. Some materials are expected by these acts too. That’s all in a nutshell. More will follow soon. We wish all the best and success to the leaving members.

20 October 2009

Next shows:

23 October - (NL) Rotterdam, Baroeg
24 October - (NL) Arnhem, Willemeen (Aurora Infernalis Festival)
5 December - (CH) Bern, Grafitti
19 December - (SLO) Ravne na Koroskem, Kompleks

27 August 2009

A new beginning is coming... More details soon.

17 March 2009

Sear Bliss’ 4th full lenght album ’Forsaken Symphony’, remastered by Dan Swanö (Dissection, Opeth, Katatonia) and with a bonus video clip is available again in Europe through Vic Records.

26 January 2009

Vic Records will official re-release Sear Bliss’ 5th full-lenght album ’Glory And Perdition’ on the 2nd of February. The CD was quite a rarity in Europe but now with the excellent distribution of Plastic Head it will be available again. You can pre-order the album here.

22 January 2009

Sear Bliss 15th anniversary DVD Trailer:

26 December 2008

Fieldy's photos of the band's 15th anniversary show:

27 November 2008

Sear Bliss' 15th anniversary show will be filmed for an upcoming DVD release. The show will start at 22:00. Free bus every hour from Blaha Lujza tér.

04 November 2008

Sear Bliss have parted ways with guitarist Peter Kovács. The band proudly announces its new guitar player, Attila Kovács from the Hungarian band Watch My Dying.

07 October 2008

Sear Bliss will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a huge show in Budapest, Avalon Club on the 29th of November 2008. Beside the current members of the band, the original line up (Phantoms era) will be on stage once again after 11 years.

25 September 2008

Next shows:

08 November - Új Vigadó, Debrecen (H)
22 November - Toxic Club, Pécs (H)
29 November - Avalon, Budapest (H) - 15th Anniversary show

08 September 2008

Andras became an official Warwick endorser. You can check his profile here.

25 August 2008

Fieldy's photos of the band's performance at Sziget festival can be viewed here.

20 May 2008

Sear Bliss' brand new exclusive official merchandise can be ordered from Plastic Head.

03 May 2008

The Arcane Odyssey review at

01 May 2008

Photos of the recording of The Arcane Odyssey in the Band section (Misc).

29 April 2008

Next gigs:

02 May - Budapest, Avalon klub (H)
10 May - Zalaegerszeg, Grabowsky klub (H)
23 May - Metal Box, Temesvár (RO)
24 May - Dark River Fest, Setétpatak (RO)
25 May - Barock Pub, Petrozsény (RO)
20 June - UFO Fest, Osijek (HR)
28 June - In Flammen Festival, Torgau (D)
09 July - Rockmaraton, Pécs (H)
15 August - Sziget, Budapest (H)

03 March 2008


The band have been awarded in three categories:

Best album 2007:
1. Sear Bliss: The Arcane Odyssey, Gire: Gire
3. Subscribe: Stuck Progress to Moon

Best Studio Production 2007:
1. Subscribe: Stuck Progress to Moon
2. Sear Bliss: The Arcane Odyssey
3. Dalriada: Kikelet

Best Cover Artwork:
1. Wall Of Sleep: ...And Hell Followed With Him
2. Gire: Gire
3. Sear Bliss: The Arcane Odyssey

31 January 2008

The Arcane Odyssey reviews:

Hammerworld 10/10
Heavy Oder Was 9/10
Kerrang 4/5
Metal Hammer (D) 5/7
Rock Hard 9/10
Terrorizer 9/10
Zero Tolerance 4.5/5 - CD OF THE MONTH!

Evilized 95/100
Get Ready To Rock 5/5
Living For Metal 9.5/10
Lords Of Metal 85/100
Metalglory 9/10 10/10
The Metal Observer 9.5/10 88/100
Nocturnal Hall, 10/10 - CD OF THE MONTH
The Pit 9/10
Pivotal Rage 5/5
Sea Of Tranquility 4.5/5
Visions Underground 10/10

16 January 2008

Next shows:

March 29 - (D) Ragnarok Festival, Lichtenfels
April 5 - (RO) Irish & Music Pub, Cluj

20 November 2007

Fieldy's photos of the Budapest gig on the 7th of November here!

29 October 2007

Next live shows:

9 November - Budapest (H), Wigwam
10 November - Szombathely (H), Haladás Mûvelôdési Ház
17 November - Kazincbarcika (H), Sport Rock Klub

8 August 2007

Next shows:

11 - Jaromer (CZ), Brutal Assault Festival
12 - Budapest (H), Sziget Festival
24 - Debrecen (H), The Chromized Land Festival

13 July 2007


Finally we are totally finished with the new album! We got the masters from the studio last week. It was the longest and most intense work we have ever had with an album. We were in the studio since March until now, with some breaks of course. It's hard to describe how enourmous amount of work and energy we've put into this album. We reached our limits and we even passed them sometimes. Yet we think it was worth working on it so hard, through many hours, many days, many nights, sometimes with no sleep at all. Right now, listening the album in a comfortable couch, it feels really great to have this result and we are very pleased with it. The Arcane Odyssey is an album which we have never done before. We feel we really caught the atmosphere this time. With the kind help of producer (and ex-guitar player of the band) Viktor Scheer the production is very strong and powerful.

The artwork was once again painted by József Tari and he has done a great job again. We asked Mr. Tari to paint one of the most impressive Hungarian legends in ancient Hungarian mythology, the saga of the "Hadak Útja" (The Road Of The Warriors). Though The Arcane Odyssey is not a concept album yet two of the songs refer closely to this legend.

Candlelight Records has set the official release date for "The Arcane Odyssey" to the 24th of September. We can't wait to share the album with those who are eager to listen to it.

We will present the album with a show in Budapest on the 9th of November.

13 June 2007

Summer shows:

30 - (H) Zalaegerszeg
09 - (H) Pecs - Rockmaraton
14 - (D) Annaberg-Buchholz - Thunders Over Miriquidi Festival
12 - (H) Budapest - Sziget Festival
24 - (H) Debrecen - The Chromized Land Festival

29 March 2007

Sear Bliss have just started recording their new album entitled The Arcane Odyssey. More info coming soon..

5 Jan 2007


As the end of the year has arrived and we update our website quite rarely, it is time to look back and summarize what has happened with Sear Bliss in 2006.

It has been one of the most important years in the history of the band. It may seemed a bit quiet from outside but many things happened in the background.

The new version of the Decade Of Perdition DVD was released in the beginning of the year. Then we filmed our first official video for the song entitled Two Worlds Collide. Meanwhile guitarist Csaba Csejtei was replaced by Péter Kovács.

The albums Phantoms and The Pagan Winter have been remastered and The Haunting has been partly re-recorded and fully remixed in Aquarium studio in the summer. All three CD's with bonus tracks will be released by Vic Records very soon.

One of the most important milestones in the history of the Sear Bliss is our deal with UK's Candlelight Records which we inked in the summer. We are working on the as yet untitled new album with full power at the moment which will hopefully be out in June via Candlelight.

Last but not least, Forest Silence's debut album entitled Philosophy Of Winter has been released in November. Forest Silence (including András on guitars and Sömi on drums) is the band of ex-Sear Bliss keyboard player Winter.

So, these are things that happened with us in 2006 and a lot will follow in 2007. See you at the gigs and on the new album.

We wish you a successful new year.